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Aerospace and Defense

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  1. Helicopter Charter Service Excel Charter Ltd
    Excel Charter - CAA approved helicopter charter company based just to the East of London, providing executive transport, aerial filming, medevac, twin training and trade leasing .

  2. Dunlop Aircraft Tyres Limited
    UK based independent aircraft tyre manufacturer specialises in aircraft tyre and tube production from design through to delivery.

  3. Lancashire Aero Club
    Offers gift vouchers for trial lessons, flying lessons, gallery, online notice board and LAC members pages.

  4. Premier Flight
    Based at Norwich airport Premier Flight provide trial lessons, training and aircraft hire to members. Information on ratings and prices.

  5. Clarendon Engineering
    Suppliers to the motorsport trade, supplying dzus fasteners to areospace bolts

    UK. Design and manufacture of flame retardent upholstery fabrics for marine, aviation, rail and other transportation applications, from wool. On-line sample service.

    Consulting and laboratory based company specialising in chemistry, materials technology and health and safety related services. Based in the Thames Valley.

  8. Alouette Flying Club
    A non profit making club offering flight training to private pilot level at Biggin Hill.

  9. Sherwood Flying Club
    Provides aircraft for hire and training to members only. Details of aircraft, instruction and news.

  10. Paul White's Heliservices
    Provides helicopter trial lessons, training, pleasure flights, charter and maintenance across the UK

  11. Air Salvage International
    Specialists in aircraft salvage, airliner decommissioning and parts recovery.

  12. RGV Aviation Ltd.
    Avionics sales, service, and installation.

  13. Higherplane Aviation Training Ltd
    Based at Popham specializing in providing advanced training for foreign and locally trained PPLs. Provides South African PPL type ratings and renewals in the UK. Information on training offered and questions answered on validating foreign licenses in the UK.

  14. Northumbria Helicopters
    Helicopter flight training school based at the south side of Newcastle International Airport.

  15. Borley Brothers General Engineering
    Offers a wide range of services including the design, manufacture and installation of specialist aircraft access equipment, aircraft suspension, general engineering and fabrication work.

  16. Cameron Balloons Ltd
    Local manufacturer of all kinds of balloons including airships, Roziere balloons and projection spheres, also fabric structures, exhibition stands, inflatable packaging, lighting globes and tubes news, contacts, dealer network. Cameron even produce medical products used

  17. SIRS Navigation Ltd.
    Designs, manufactures and repairs magnetic compasses, sextants and other navigation instruments.

  18. Defence Science and Technology Laboratory
    Support source for science and technology for the United Kingdom defence forces and government. Includes annual reports, services provided, history and FAQs .

  19. All Metal Services Ltd
    suppliers of raw material and services to the aerospace and defense industries.

  20. Flying Club Conington
    Private pilot and additional ratings training based at Conington Airport, Peterborough.

  21. Lomas Engineering Ltd.
    Manufacturer of special cutting tools for the aerospace industry.

  22. Microflight Flying School
    Airbourne aviation, flying school and club at Popham Airfield, near Winchester, Hampshire.

  23. Boldman Ltd.
    Suppliers of aluminium profile systems.

    Suppliers of Boeing and Airbus spares.

    Manufacturers of gas analysis and communications equipment for military underwater operations.

  26. Lindstrand Balloons
    Manufacturers of hot air balloons, gas balloons, airships and tethered aerostats.

  27. Air Navigation and Trading
    Provides aircraft hire, pilot training and aircraft maintenance. Details of services.

  28. PVA Technical File Services
    Specialist advisors on design, development, testing and certification of personal protective equipment.

  29. Applied Computing and Engineering Limited
    Uses Computational Fluid Dynamics and Finite Element Analysis to simulate aerodynamic performance and visualise the results.

  30. Skyline School of Flying
    Piper based training at Little Gransden airfield, East Anglia.

  31. Darchem Engineering Ltd.
    Manufacturers of thermal insulation, precision fabrications, welded metal honeycomb products, passive fire protection systems and reflective insulation for the aerospace, petrochemical, offshore, marine and nuclear industries.

  32. Raytheon Systems Limited
    Detailing the UK subsidiary's business activities.

  33. AD Aerospace
    Manufactures internal and external video cameras and associated recording equipment.

  34. The Luneside Group of Companies
    Manufacturers of high complex components and assemblies for the aerospace, defence, and nuclear industries.

  35. Medway Microlights
    Manufacturer of the flexwing microlight EclipseR, the Jabiru aeroengine and the Raven wing offers also training at its own airfield.

  36. Carill Aviation Flying School
    Training to PPL and beyond in Piper aircraft based at Southampton.

  37. Skytrace Type Conversion
    Specialising in Yak-52 Type Conversion, aerobatic and safety training.

  38. EM Helicopter Services
    Specialize in one-to-one training for the UK helicopter private pilots license providing trial lessons, ground school and flight training.

  39. Techni Grind Preston Machining Ltd.
    A subcontract precision engineering facility.

  40. West London Aero Club
    Training to PPL and beyond at White Waltham in Maidenhead, Berkshire.

  41. North West Engineering
    Precision sub-contract engineers to the aerospace, medical and oil industries.

    Electro optical systems, stabilised and servo controlled platforms and TV cameras.

  43. Page Aerospace Limited
    Supplier of cabin lighting and information systems as well as power conversion and control systems.

  44. Information Systems Services
    Technical management consultancy services to government and industry, including military tactical data links and unmanned airborne vehicles.

    Trailers for sailplanes, gliders, microlight and specialist commercial applications.

  46. Pexa Ltd
    Specializes in paints, coatings and related materials for the aerospace and defence industries. Supplied worldwide. Product range includes primers, topcoats and other products such as tapes, abrasives, spray equipment and special packaging capability.

  47. ESL Defence Limited
    RF and Electro-Optic Stimulators and Flight Line Test Sets for military airborne applications.

  48. Subcontract Manufacturing
    Subcontract manufacture of CNC turned and milled parts for the aerospace industry. Specialist in exotic materials like Inconell, Waspalloy, Titanium.

    Aerospace systems engineering consultancy.

  50. Technicut Ltd.
    Design and manufacture of rotary cutting tools for machining aerospace alloys.