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  1. Write letters online
    Write letters online whether you need a cover letter, business letter, thank-you letter or resignation letter. Use our free sample letters and letter templates to create your letter in PDF, RTF , Word, Open office file formats on the fly.

  2. www.wordcentre.co.uk
    Consulting firm dedicated to training businesses to use plain English. Free newsletter and professional editing services.

  3. www.verulamwriterscircle.org.uk
    Founded more than forty years ago as a forum for writers to meet to discuss matters of common interest and to learn from each other. Located in St. Michael's Parish Hall, St Albans.

  4. NewsDesk-UK
    News contacts, internet links and resources, law and ethics updates for UK journalists.

  5. www.poetryleicester.co.uk
    Listing readings, workshops and competition details.

  6. www.southwest-scriptwriters.co.uk
    Local group promoting new writing for stage, screen, radio and television.

  7. Response Source
    For journalists, working on independent editorial. Gather facts, comments and background from hundreds of PRs, UK only.

  8. William Safire's Rules for Writers
    Witty tips.

  9. European Association of Science Editors EASE
    An international organization providing science writers and editors with resources, links, newsletter, mailing lists, and networking.

  10. Darc Productions
    Screenplay coverage service from a produced UK screenwriter, providing 2-3 pages of notes.

  11. World Wide Writers
    Short story magazine with a writing competition in each issue. Also a writers forum.

  12. Ayr Writers' Club
    Information about the club's programme of events, dates of the various workshops, planned speakers and Club nights. Biographical information about the speakers is provided as well as the results of club competitions.

  13. Poetry London
    One of Britain's leading poetry magazines, features original poems, and reviews, and sponsors a rewarding annual contest for unpublished poems, less than 80 lines in length.

  14. www.alcs.co.uk
    The ALCS is the British collecting society for all writers. The principal purpose of ALCS is to ensure that hard-to-collect revenues due to authors are efficiently collected and speedily distributed to ALCS members.

  15. WriteWords Writers Community
    Includes resources for new writers, archives, publishers directory, interviews, articles, jobs, writers forum, and news.

  16. www.parkpublications.co.uk
    Publishers of the magazines, Scribble and Countryside Tales , holding quarterly competitions for original, unpublished short stories and poems, some open, some limited to specific themes.

  17. www.jbwb.co.uk
    Resources for writers in all genres. Markets, competitions, editing and critiquing services.

  18. London Groucho Club
    Details of creative writing courses offering ten two-hour sessions at London's Groucho Club.

  19. The Word Pool
    This UK children's book site provides book reviews, author profiles, ideas for reluctant readers and information for children's writers.

  20. Do Grammar Checkers Work
    Critical report on the effectiveness of Grammatik V based on samples of essays by EFL students. Paper presented at EUROCALL.

  21. Phrases Thesaurus
    A resource for writers. Enter a single word and it will return a list of phrases and sayings that are related to the word in some way. In English.

  22. www.hopefulwriter.co.uk
    Writing, poetry, and reading resources

  23. Institute for Professional Communicators ISTC
    Largest UK body representing professional communicators and information designers.

  24. Travelwriters UK
    A resource for professional travel writers and travel editors.

  25. Fire in the Head creative writing programme
    Writing courses in various parts of England.

  26. Crime Writers of Great Britain
    A professional body which sets out to represent writers of crime fiction and non-fiction.

  27. Writers' Circles
    UK Directory which lists over a 1,000 writers' circles by region and each region is divided by postcodes.

  28. Felixstowe Scribblers Online Jotters
    An established writers circle based in Felixstowe, Suffolk. This weblog will be about writing, life in Felixstowe and generally what the group and individuals are up to.

  29. Anthemion Software Home
    Storylines and Writer's Cafe software for writers.

  30. Practical Scriptwriter
    Script writing software that requires no knowledge of formats. Just worry about action, characters, and dialogue. Windows only.

  31. Manchester Comedy Writers Group
    Mutual support group for all writers of performance comedy. This includes formats for TV, radio or perhaps some new form of comedy altogether.

  32. WordWeb Pro
    Find words and make anagrams with this powerful thesaurus dictionary software.

  33. www.writingfortheweb.co.uk
    Articles about communication on corporate websites. Trainers Malcolm Davidson and Diana Railton UK show how layout, links and other technical factors affect online communication.

  34. BBC Online - The Writers' Room
    Learn how to write for and submit scripts to the BBC.

  35. Corby Scribblers
    UK based writers club. Meets at Corby Library to discuss and exchange information and ideas and all aspects of writing.

  36. Leeds University Library, classics research materials
    The Classics collection from the Brotherton Library. Includes works published from 1613 to the present day.

  37. Lazy Bee Scripts
    Online publisher of pantomimes and plays. Guidelines for authors and playwrights.

  38. International PEN
    Worldwide association of writers. Exists to promote friend- ship and intellectual co-operation among writers everywhere, to fight for freedom of expression and represent the conscience of world literature.

  39. Guardian Unlimited - Style Guide
    The British newspaper's guide to word usage, grammar and punctuation, edited by David Marsh and Nikki Marshall. Includes 1928 edition in pdf format.

  40. SF Hub
    Search tool for the Science Fiction Collections of The University of Liverpool, including the Science Fiction Foundation Collection.

  41. The Nantwich Writer's Group
    The virtual home of a group of writers from South Cheshire, led by Mills and Boon author, Penny Jordan. Includes member weblogs, a directory and discussion forum.

  42. English PEN
    To promote literature and its understanding to uphold writers freedoms around the world and to promote the friendly co-operation of writers and the free exchange of their ideas.

  43. Bridport Prize
    An international creative writing competition for poetry under 42 lines and short stories under 5,000 words . Prize money totals ten thousand pounds. Entry fee Six pounds. Deadline June 30, each year.

  44. Get Writing
    Writers teach the craft of writing. Part of the BBC.

  45. Spread the Word
    Supports the development of new creative writing and live literature in London. An online community of writers for feedback on writing, competitions and online workshops with high profile authors.

  46. UK Writers
    Email discussion list for writers in the UK.

  47. Birmingham Words
    A writers' community based in Birmingham, UK.

  48. MoreWriting
    A meeting place where you can develop your writing skills. Messageboards sorted by writing genre.

  49. Society for Editors and Proofreaders
    A professional organization based in the UK for editors and proofreaders. To promote high editorial standards.

  50. scriptreader.co.uk
    Realize your screenplay or treatment's potential with constructive analysis from a conscientious, Script Factory trained, experienced professsional. Basic premise to formatting issues and emergency turnaround options available.