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  1. European Association of Science Editors EASE
    An international organization providing science writers and editors with resources, links, newsletter, mailing lists, and networking.

  2. Book News
    Short overviews of the latest books about science, technology, and medicine.

    A place to learn and discuss various aspects of science and technology and how they interact.

  4. Economics, Real Costs and Benefits of Electronic Publishi...
    Proceedings of the workshop organized by the International Council for Science and held at Keble College, Oxford in march-april 1998.

  5. Nottingham Eprints
    Open access digital archives of research papers produced by authors at the University.

  6. The Vega Science Trust
    A collection of video-on-demand science programmes, including lectures, discussions, workshops, archive footage, and science media links.

  7. Espacenet
    Full text of patents issued by the European Patent Organisation EPO , France, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, and The World Intellectual Property Organisation WIPO . The available patent data go back, in some cases, as far as the year 1900.

  8. Psycoloquy
    One of the first peer-reviewed scientific journals. Continuously online and open-access since 1990. Sponsored by the American Psychological Association. Also provides open peer commentary on accepted, peer-reviewed target articles.