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  1. Nasa TV - Live Stream - DaemOnTest Stream 2
    International Space Station - ISS

  2. House Extension London, Loft Conversions London,
    Polish building contracting company operating in London , which has expanded vastly due to recommendations and clients satisfaction. Specializing in refurbishments, house extension, loft conversion, garage conversions, kitchen extensions, office refurbishment, bathroom fitting

  3. cerncourier CERN Courier
    CERN Courier latest issue

  4. Toyota Motorsport GmbH - The Home of High Performance
    Toyota Motorsport GmbH, high-performance design, testing and production facilities for the automotive industry and beyond.

  5. Beam Calcs Ltd
    Beam Calcs Ltd specialise in producing calculations for steel beams, professionally prepared for Building Regulation Approval.

  6. Laptop Batteries, USA Power Tools Batteries, Chargers, Ad...
    Buy All Kinds of Batteries Laptop Batteries, Power Tool Batteries, Camcorder Batteries, Digital Camera Batteries, Chargers, AC DC Laptop Adapters and PDA Batteries, This is USA Local Business and Free shipping.

  7. JPL Small-Body Database Browser
    2012 DA14 JPL Small-Body Database Browser Solar System Dynamics,Solar System,Dynamics,Orbital Mechanics,Orbits

  8. 10 Best Android Websites for Apps and Information
    10 best Android Websites for Apps and Information list and links.

  9. NEO Earth Close Approaches
    NASA NEO Earth Close Approach Data The purpose of the Near-Earth Object Program is to coordinate NASA-sponsored efforts to detect, track and characterize potentially hazardous asteroids and comets that could approach the Earth. The NEO Program will focus on the goal of locating at least 90 percent of the estimated 1,000 asteroids and comets that approach the Earth and are larger than 1 kilometer about 2 3-mile in diameter, by the end of the next decade. In addition to managing the detection and cataloging of Near-Earth objects, the NEO Program office will be responsible for facilitating communications between the astronomical community and the public should any potentially hazardous objects be discovered.

  10. Philip Dunbavin Acoustics Ltd Sound Testing
    Acoustic Consultants experts in building acoustics, noise modelling theatre design, environmental noise, industrial noise, registered expert witness and single joint expert, sound testing, noise measurement.

  11. Thermometers Hydrometers Hygrometers Disposable Thermomet...
    Thermometers, Disposable Thermometers, Hydrometers, Hygrometers, Draft Survey Hydrometer and Pressure Gauges, from Zeal - The genuine article since 1888

  12. Gawn Associates
    cambridgeshire structural engineers

  13. Firework Farm, Bridgnorth, Shropshire
    Firework Farm supply rockets, barrages, sparklers all the Red Devil Dancing Firework range.

  14. Diamond Light Source
    Diamond Light Source is a new scientific facility in South Oxfordshire on the Harwell Science and Innovation Campus. This giant machine, called a synchrotron, can be described as a series of super microscopes . It is housed in a futuristic doughnut-shaped building which covers the area of 5 football pitches. Diamond will ultimately host up to 40 cutting edge research stations, called beamlines, supporting the life, physical and environmental sciences.

  15. Virgin Money Giving The Radio Communications Foundation
    Money donated to the RCF on the Virgin Money Giving web site will be reserved to support Project FUNcube. FUNcube is an educational single cubesat project with the goal of enthusing and educating young people about radio, space, physics and electronics. FUNcube will also carry a UHF to VHF linear transponder that will have up to 1 watt and which can be used by Radio Amateurs worldwide for SSB and CW communications.

  16. Kepler Confirms First Planet in Habitable Zone of Sun-lik...
    In a significant milestone on the road to finding Earth's twin elsewhere in the galaxy, NASA's Kepler mission has confirmed its first planet in the habitable zone of a distant Sun-like star.

  17. Geo-EnGarde - geotechnical analysis and data presentation...
    Highly automated geotechnical analysis and data presentation software used for structural monitoring on major civil engineering projects all over the world

  18. TJ O'Connor and Associates
    T.J. O'Connor and Associates are consulting civil and structural engineers and have been the lead designer in many of the country s major civil engineering projects, including water and wastewater supply projects and flood alleviation schemes. Clients include public and private sector organisations. We have acted as PSDP on a range of public works contracts. The firm has undertaken Masterplanning and Infrastructure design for a range of large business parks and are leading the way in the design of innovative Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems SUDS . We deliver Structural Engineering Design Services on a range of major projects including shopping centres, offices and commercial developments. These design services incorporate innovative structural solutions including the world s first bi-steel core, constructed as part of Dundrum Town Centre. The use of Building Information Modelling BIM techniques is currently being developed within the firm. We have extensive experience in the design of renovations and ref...

  19. Digital Television Group Home Page
    The Digital TV Group Promotes digital television in all its forms terrestrial, satellite and cable - based in the UK with a world view.

  20. Ultrasonic Sciences Ltd UK
    Design and manufacture of automated and semi-automated ultrasonic inspection systems for industrial and research applications.

  21. Technical Inspection Services UK Ltd.
    Non destructive testing for welds, pipes.

    This website has been developed for the scientists and engineers of the United Kingdom Satellite Communications industry and for everyone interested in learning about satellite communications.

  23. Forth Rail Bridge
    Featured article from Undiscovered Scotland.

  24. Menai Strait Bridges
    Illustrated article on the history of the Menai and Brittania bridges.

  25. Nottingham University
    Nanoscience Group bottom up approaches to nanotechnology, scanning probe microscopes, properties of fullerenes and derivatives.

    Represent the interests of civil engineering contractors registered in the UK as well as to provide a full range of services to members.

  27. Beacon Link
    Mobile computing systems integrator using GSM, radio, and wireless technologies.

  28. Institute of Sound and Vibration Research
    Widely acknowledged as the world's foremost teaching, research and consultancy centre for the study of all aspects of sound and vibration.

  29. Clifton Suspension Bridge
    Brunel's world-famous bridge, history, facts and figures, Visitor Centre and news.

  30. RSL Rovtech Systems Ltd
    Manufacture of underwater camera systems and remotely operated vehicles for aquatic, nuclear and offshore industries.

  31. Quake 3 Arena PC cheats
    Quake 3 Arena PC cheats

  32. The Downstream Bridges and Railway Bridges of Windsor
    Illustrated history of the Albert bridge, Victoria bridge, Black Potts Railway bridge, Windsor bridge and Brunel's Bowstring bridge.

  33. Lavender International NDT
    Provide and supply NDT examination, training and consultancy services. Links to industry resources and an online facility for buying books and training courses.

    UK based Fire Safety Consultants. Services include risk assessment, training, investigation, fire prevention, surveys and inspections.

  35. Lloyd's Satellite Constellations
    Information on Iridium, Teledesic, Globalstar, Orbcomm, ICO Global, Ellipso, Skybridge and other systems, as well as general information on satellites.

    University of Cambridge Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy

  37. Association of Lighting Designers
    The ALD is a british organization for professionals from all fields of lighting.

    Pressure drop calculation software. Calculates fluid friction pressure loss, NPSH and full flow rate at the pump. With 3D interface to specify and design pipe systems.

  39. Superpitch
    Manufacturer of electric car charging stations.

  40. Chatte rasee vid os et photos en gros plan
    Jolis minous pil s, belles chattes ras es de jeunes salopes de 18 21 ans. Des petites chattes toutes douces qui ne demandent qu' tre explos es et souill s de sperme

  41. Tower Bridge Experience
    History and visitor information for this Victorian bridge, designed by Sir Horace Jones.

  42. Creating the UK s first renewable hydrogen energy supply ...
    The move to a hydrogen economy has taken a significant step forward with the announcement of a new government-funded project that brings together three of the top names in the field of renewable energy.

  43. Airship Heritage Trust
    Museum and Collection at RAF Cardington. Includes news and information on airships, hangars and disasters.

  44. U.K. Magnetics Society
    Information about the UK Magnetics Society which is dedicated to publicizing magnetics technology information to a wide and relevant audience.

    Savcon Engineering Ltd specialize in Prototyping, Presswork Fabrication and Assembly, we will meet all your engineering needs, and design tools to meet your requirements.

  46. Class Instrumentation Limited
    Manufacturer of ultrasonic and coating thickness gauges and a combined ultrasonic and hall-effect coating thickness gauge. United Kingdom .

  47. Alphasonics UK
    Manufacturers of high quality ultrasonic cleaning systems for ceramic anilox rolls, gravure cylinders and general parts.

  48. The Wartime Airfields of Great Britain
    UK Airfields of World War 2 Then and Now . A study of the architecture and history of these airfields. Includes UK airfield listing, USAAF in the UK, control tower designs, references, and links.

  49. Built For Fun Electric Vehicles
    Provides plans and designs for small powered electric vehicles for kids including trike, scooter and kart projects.

  50. Welsh Coal Mines
    Photographs, history, and poems about the collieries of Gwent.