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  1. CSS Tutorial
    Beginners CSS Tutorial For Web Designers.

  2. RXP
    A validating parser written in C and available under the GPL.

  3. Merlin Open Systems
    Developer of cross-platform Adobe Acrobat plugins.

  4. Jade
    An early implementation of an XSL processor. Converts XSL to DSSSL to render XML.

  5. XED
    Text-based non-validating XML editor for Windows, UNIX.

    LaserJet PCL printing, viewing and conversion software, PC and Unix. Pcl2pdf, Forms Electric.

  7. Tobin, Richard
    Author of RXP parser, co-author of XSV schema validator. Co-editor of XML Infoset specification.

  8. GBdirect XML Training Courses
    Courses for managers, strategists and software developers technical and commercial overviews and programming.

  9. Initial Experiences With an XLink Implementation
    Describes the implementation of an XLink processor in Java and the lessons learned from the project.

  10. XML XSL Portal
    An XML XSL Portal containing resources utilities tutorials examples written in xml xsl

  11. FYE Coming-of-Age - Absolute Beginners Eddie O'Connell PG...
    Absolute Beginners

  12. Advanced Downloading Ltd, UK
    Data conversion, recovery and processing services from a London UK site.

  13. AL Downlaoding Services Ltd
    Provides data conversion between any format and media.

  14. BBC News Microsoft's standards bid stalled
    Article covering the appeals lodged by four developing nations against the ratification of OOXML as an ISO standard.

    Armada, UK based team of technical authors producing up-to-the-minute, Microsoft standard, context sensitive, compiled chm HTML help . . .

  16. The Graphics File Format Page
    Specifications for various graphics file formats along with some source code and utilities.

  17. TIFF Revision 4 Info
    Documentation about revision 4 of TIFF.

  18. - BGHelp

  19. Ian Stuart's personal web site - XML and Namespaces, a br...
    A brief introduction or tutorial to Namespaces in XML.

  20. PDFjam
    Shell scripts that provide a command-line interface to the pdfpages package for pdfLaTeX. Download and description of the functions to allow the joining pdfjoin , rotating pdf90 and n-up-ing pdfnup of PDF files.

  21. Portable Network Graphics - PNG
    Thorough introduction to PNG image format.

  22. Comparison of OpenMath and MathML
    Information on similarities, differences, overlap and methods of translating between OpenMath and MathML

  23. PostScript Interpreter RIP and OEM SDK
    Rapport is a PostScript technology developer based in the UK and the creator of InkWell - A high performance PostScript compatible interpreter and Software Development Kit for OEMs. Add PostScript capability to any system printers, servers, controllers and applications.

  24. Pedro
    Dynamic form generation, XML Schema, data validation, controlled vocabulary services.

  25. Simple HTML
    Offering a guide to creating web pages. Describes how to write basic HTML.

  26. Advanced HTML
    Offers a guide to HTML, including tables, and colors. Also JavaScript.

  27. CSS Play
    Experiments with CSS by Stu Nicholls. Includes a large range of layouts, menus, boxes and demonstrations of what can be achieved with pure CSS.

  28. Adaptive Conversions
    Legacy media and data conversion and duplication to CD, DVD, DLT. Lists supported media.

  29. Design Shack
    Selective CSS and Web 2.0 design gallery. Gallery is sortable by category or color. Features regularly updated news and a substantial amount of tutorials, which include actual code.

  30. Computer theft puts 14,000 at risk of ID fraud - Yorkshir...
    Computer theft puts 14,000 at risk of ID fraud - EXCLUSIVE Up to 14,000 customers of the financial giant Skipton have been left open to identity fraud, after the company admitted that a laptop containing customers' personal details was stolen last week. br br

  31. Shops - Baby Changing Nappies, Baby, Changing ...
    Buy Baby Changing Nappies, Baby, Changing Mats, Changing Tables Units, Nappies, Nappy Changing Bags, Nappy Covers items at low prices. Sign up with to begin buying and selling Baby Changing Nappies items online.

  32. CAD FreeCAD BRL 2D 3D modelling animation16 great program...
    CAD FreeCAD BRL 2D 3D modelling animation16 great programs DVD Over 3.3 GIGABYTE in Computers Tablets and Networking, Software, Image, Video and Audio eBay

  33. R Through Excel A Spreadsheet Interface for Statistics, D...
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  34. Coir, coir mats UK
    Tightly woven coir, the most robust natural fibre floormats and runners. Finished on the loom in 5 sizes. Buy online in UK from

  35. XML Training XML Training Course List On
    UK wide XML training courses, from introduction to advanced level. On-site and custom courses available for all versions from Systematix.

  36. Data Crunching Solve Everyday Problems Using Java, Python...
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  37. Glossary
    Datastor document management and document scanning solutions

  38. Office Professional English Software Assuran...
    Office Professional English Software Assurance Step Up Ovl Nl 1 Year Acquisition Y1 Additional Product -

  39. BBC - GCSE ICT - Data transfer - Activity
    dc description from xml asset

  40. Adept Scientific - The Technical Computing People
    We supply and support computing solutions for scientists and engineers in maths, DAQ, data analysis, quality, simulation, lab, circuit design and more.

  41. How to Get Started With CSS - PC Advisor
    I've already discussed how you can learn to code for free using languages such as Ruby and JavaScript, but this time we'll explore an even more basic language that can help to make your websites pop. Cascading Style Sheets is like HTML's cooler, more artistic sibling While HTML handles the structure and content of your website, CSS allows you to add cutting-edge design to it. This guide tells you everything you need to know to get started making better-looking websites fast.

  42. Human edited web directory - Computers and Internet Data ...
    A human edited Website directory where you can submit the URL to your homepage. When you submit your website it will be human reviewed and will go through an approval process, if your site meets quality standards of a reliable website it will get approved, spam sites will be not be reviewed, they will be deleted and marked as spam. Powered by UKer

  43. A data acquisition client approached us with their 3D mar...
    Their clients required two copies of the raw SEG-D data on hard disk drive. Each input tape contained one line of data, but each of their clients was only entitled to a certain shot point range and not the full line.

  44. XML A Primer Professional mindware Simon St....
    Buy XML A Primer Professional mindware by Simon St. Laurent ISBN 9780764547775 from Amazon's Book Store. Free UK delivery on eligible orders.

  45. Computers Computers - Submit Site
    Computers sites in Computers Directory. Search Computers resources. Submit URL into Computers directory

  46. QBSD
    QBS Distribution QBSD is a division of QBS Software with a mandate to professionally service software resellers.

  47. The Art of R Programming A Tour of Statistical Software D...
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  48. BBC - GCSE Bitesize Data file types
    A secondary school revision resource for GCSE ICT looking at data transfers from one computer to another.

  49. Open Source software Archive - BAJR Federation Forum
    THought it would be useful to create an ultimate list of Open Source Software.. which I can then collate So to start off... with the usual suspects and a couple of interesting ones Open Office http open-source office software suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and more. QGIS http Quantum GIS QGIS is a user friendly Open Source Geographic Information System

  50. Forensic RAID Data Recovery by Computer Forensics Special...
    Data Recovery Specialists recover data from RAID, Servers, VHD and VMWare formats. Computer Forensics Specialists are experts in RAID data recovery and partition recovery from multi-drive systems.