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  1. Circumventing Windows RT s Code Integrity Mechanism On th...
    clrokr clrokr - 6. Jan 2013 It's taken longer than expected but it has finally happened unsigned desktop applications run on Windows RT. Ironically, a vulnerability in the Windows kernel that h...

  2. Southern IT Ltd - bespoke software applications programmi...
    Southern IT's bespoke software, programming skills and dynamic, content managed, data driven web sites are used all over the world

  3. Leenix - Professional Linux Support, Hosting and Security...
    Linux Support and Consultancy, coupled with Managed Hosting Services. Online PHP Software development and web design.

  4. Charlotte It Support Software Application Support Charlot...
    Conceir.com is a Charlotte based IT Support and Computer Services company. We provide a best Software and Server Installation services in Charlotte. Network,It Support for Professionals in Law,CPA.

  5. Tyneside Linux User Group
    The official web site of the Tyneside Linux User Group. Free support and advocacy for Linux users living, working or studying in the Tyneside area, in the UK.

  6. 90 Windows, 5 Mac, 5 Linux
    Register article by a Newsforge regular about the market share of popular Operating Systems.

  7. Linux code co-op
    IBM, NEC, Fujitsu, Hitachi co-operate on corporate Linux code. From The Register.

  8. Shropshire Linux User Group
    Containing details of events, membership, projects, with links to other Linux resources.

  9. NewsNow
    NewsNow is a 24-hour NT-specific newsfeed, aggregating breaking NT headlines from more than 20 of the Web's most prestigious web sites. Sources include CNET, TechWeb, Wired, The Register, Slashdot, Silicon.com, InfoWorld, and PC Week. NewsNow updates every five minutes, every day.

  10. Korean Firms Seek Ban on Windows XP
    A group of 18 firms have filed a case against the operating system, because it amounts to an unfair business practice .

  11. Milton Keynes Linux User Group
    MK LUG aims to provide support to local Linux users before, during and after installation.

  12. StoreNet Technology
    A British-based Computing training company with many mainframe classroom courses.

  13. Nigel Pentland
    A number of RACF-related programs.

  14. Preston and Lancashire Linux User Group
    Contains diary and location of local meetings, advice on distributions and group aims.

  15. FreeBE AF Library
    a free project to create VBE AF an extension of VESA video cards drivers sub project off-sprung by Allegro

  16. Power Manager
    Your Macintosh can be scheduled to start up and shut down each day without any human interaction.

  17. Help Us Redesign Psion's Iconic, Ultrasmall 5mx
    Check out our slideshow showing the Psion 5mx, the modern version of the 5mx we started designing and asking for your help in finalizing the design. To help with our design of the Psion 20xx click on the author names at the top of this page or...

  18. The Register Mandrake 8.1 easier than Win-XP
    Version 8.1 passes the Register's Harry Homeowner test with flying colors.

  19. GNU Bash Reference Manual
    The GNU Bash Reference Manual by Chet Ramey and Brian Fox, available as a printed book ISBN 0-9541617-7-7 .

  20. filtering windows firewall Content at ZDNet UK
    News Articles, Whitepapers, Downloads, Opinion and Resources relating to filtering windows firewall

  21. For Linux, UK Linux supplies.
    A wide selection of Linux software applications, hardware , training and support. Based in the UK .

  22. West Yorkshire Linux Users' Group
    Linux users's group for W.Yorks, UK Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield, Halifax, York, Harrogate . Talks, tutorials, Linux training, help line, demos, installation.

  23. The Toshiba Linux Utilities
    Linux versions of the utilities to control Toshiba laptops eg fan, battery .

  24. Linux on the IBM ThinkPad
    Installing Linux on IBM ThinkPads. Covers old ThinkPad models and Linux distributions.

  25. South West UK LUG
    Offers freebie CDs, news, reviews, and a jobs section.

  26. The Linux Emporium
    Distribution CDs, boxed sets, and books. Located in the UK.

  27. Professional Software Solutions Ltd
    Barcoding, Fax and programming utilities.

  28. GBdirect Linux Training
    Providers of Linux training in the UK. Vendor neutral. All Linux certification LPI, Linux , RHCE, etc All Linux distributions supported Debian, SuSE, Mandrake, Slakware, and Red Hat .

  29. Lan One's Software Drivers
    CD drivers, Graphic Drivers, Modem Drivers, Motherboard Drivers, Sound Card Drivers, Hard Drive Drivers, Network Drivers, Monitor Drivers, Mice and Keyboads Drivers

  30. LinuxUser
    UK magazine written for key IT decision makers and professionals within organisations which use Linux, or have expressed an interest in using Linux.

  31. HP9000 300 Linux
    Linux on the 68x based HP9000 series of workstations.

  32. Building X terminals with Linux
    How to build an X terminal with Linux.

  33. KDP Software Ltd
    Report downloading and System 36 conversion utilities

  34. GameZilla UK - Games Programming with Allegro and DJGPP
    Game Programming site containing tutorials,code samples, and projects.

  35. Dragon Systems Software Ltd.
    A European software house specializing in the design, development and distribution of Macintosh software.

  36. Amazon.co.uk Microsoft Windows Home Operating Systems
    Online shopping for Microsoft Windows Home Operating Systems from a great selection of Software

  37. DOS Batch Files
    Introduction to DOS Batch, misc. information, helper programs, and other DOS and Windows scripting J R Stockton

  38. Lemon Tree
    An independent source of the latest news and other CICS technical information, including PTF status, articles, sample code and freeware.

  39. UK Linux Users Groups
    For users and managers of UK Linux User Groups.

  40. The Linux Jar KAlarm
    An alarm reminder message scheduler for KDE2. Screenshots, Documentation, Downloads, Requirements, News.

  41. Linux Training
    Free Linux training materials, and details of Linux training courses under an Open Source licence.

  42. Oliver Elphick
    Maintainer of some Debian packages. Linux links.

  43. About IBM Webboy -
    Review and information about the IBM Webboy - MSDOS Web Browser and Email client.

  44. Linux for 680x0 Based VME Boards
    Critical information for using Linux on the Motorola MVME162, MVME166, and MVME167 boards.

  45. Linux Mandrake 7.1 Complete Amazon.co.uk Software
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  46. GPS Receiver
    GPS receiver software based on the Qt toolkit. This provides for simple logging of a journey, replay of a logged journey, a real-time moving map display and the ability to add and edit your own maps and features.

  47. Crittall Windows Ltd - getting delisted, is it possible -...
    Crittall Windows Ltd - getting delisted, is it possible Anything Else MoneySaving

  48. Pwot.co.uk
    Author of a WML compiler. Photos, drawings, writing, and links.

  49. The Cxref Homepage
    Cxref is a program that will produce documentation in LaTeX, HTML, RTF or SGML including cross-references from C program source code. It works for ANSI C, including most gcc extensions. The documentation for the program is produced from comments in the code that are appropriately formatted. The cross referencing comes from the code itself and requires no extra work.

  50. Novagem
    Messaging and job scheduling software.