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    Test compendium CD. Database of English, Mathematics and Science questions. Especially for UK teachers. All levels Key Stages 1, 2 and 3.

  2. Infospeed - World Class Software
    Infospeed provides leading software for the administration of language schools - all aspects from pupil details to accounting. We have an on-line demo facility.

    Create mock exams, homeworks and revision exercises from an easily-accessed database of UK examination board materials. For Windows.

  4. Learning to Teach Mathematics in the Secondary School Ama...
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    Win Private Fund Manager for bursars helps manage the schools private funds. Easy data entry. Provides a range of reports for teachers and the finance department.

  6. Maths Worksheet Wizard
    Win Mac Volumes 1 and 2 are aids to quick and easy worksheet production. 12 worksheet types in each volume.

  7. Erasmus - School and College Timetabling
    Provider of the Didakt timetabling software for automatic timetable construction and consulting services.

    A range of software tools for use in the classroom.

  9. Lesson Planner
    Mac and Win Professional and easy to use lesson planning software for teachers in all subjects and all grades.

    Promoting AnswerQuest, an educational tool for automating electronic exams, tests and homework.

    AVP is a leading UK publisher and distributor of educational software. AVP has educational software and video guides, descriptions of products, Secure Internet ordering and Online educational resources.

  12. Markbook 9.0.2
    Win A program developed primarily for use in a sixth form environment, it can be used for recording marks as you would on paper. Developed in the UK.

  13. Touch Typist Typing Tutor
    Win Typing tutor from Sector Software teaches touch typing on the qwerty keyboard for children and adults of all ages. Online ordering via secure server.

    Win Typing tutor from Sector Software teaches touch typing on the qwerty keyboard for children and adults of all ages. Online ordering via secure server.

  15. 4Mation Teacher Utilities
    Tools for producing maths and literacy worksheets and crosswords for printing or publishing on a web site. Windows, MacOS

  16. Room Booking System
    Web Maximizes the usage of rooms within your school. Will integrate with other timetable programs, allowing for scheduled classes. Free trial and a demonstration.

  17. Rosetta Stone Language Learning
    Multimedia language learning software in a variety of languages.

  18. Teachers Personal Information Manager
    Information manager for teachers for displaying and extracting weekly daily planning, register, grades sheet and timetables.

  19. CATS Educational Software
    For use in schools from nursery through to KS4. Supporting the teaching of focused curriculum objectives in literacy and numeracy as well as the foundation subjects.

  20. Ivy Learning Software
    Learning software delivered online or via CD for computing and other topics.

  21. A4 6 Lesson Academic Teacher Planner, Blue 2013 14 Amazon...
    A4 6 Lesson Academic Teacher Planner, Blue 2013 14 Office Products

  22. Keywords driving traffic to sites in the Computers Softwa...
    Discover what popular keywords drive search engine traffic to web sites in the Computers Software Educational Teachers Help category.

  23. Student discounts, deals and offers for premium software ...
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  24. Disabled Student Allowance Barry Bennett - DSA and DSE Sp...
    Barry Bennett has been in existence for forty years, and our staff have unrivalled experience in assisting DSA Assessors and students with the Disabled Student Allowance.

  25. BBC - Languages - Your Say - Learning tips
    Send us your learning tips and we will publish them. Read other peoples' tips

  26. Dragon Education Solutions - Dragon Speech Recognition So...
    Dragon NaturallySpeaking can help students quickly and easily transfer ideas from their minds onto paper, a basic task that is often painful or even impossible, for some students. The software is used by students of all abilities, including students with certain learning and physical challenges.

  27. The Best of Educational Software for Apple II Computers S...
    Buy The Best of Educational Software for Apple II Computers Sybex computer books by Gary G. Bitter, Kay Gore ISBN 9780895882066 from Amazon's Book Store. Free UK delivery on eligible orders.

  28. Top 7 Educational Software Programs eBay
    Education is not guilty of falling behind in the digital age. From smart boards, mobile apps, and television programmes, the learning experience expands far beyond the typical classroom whiteboard. The...

  29. Educational Software for SATS Key Stage 2. Computers and ...
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  30. LightBytes plus - Primary Key Stage 1 Educational Softwar...
    LightBytes plus is one of the most effective ways of introducing children to the world of computers.This highly interactive educational software solution will equip them with the all-important basic knowledge of IT and develops ICT skills that will enable them to use computers with confidence

  31. Frequently Asked Questions - Software4Students
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  32. Children's Software Fun, Learning, Education...
    At the Children's Software store, you'll find everything you need to get kids playing and learn, for all ages and interests.

  33. Typing Instructor Platinum 21.0 PC CD-ROM So...
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