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Forwarding NVO and Customs

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  1. Cargo Overseas Ltd.
    A UK cargo agent who specialise in air and sea movements worldwide. They operate with agents worldwide to offer movements from door to door.

    Company based around Liverpool docks and offering facilities around the UK and the world for more than 50 years.

    A UK based freight forwarding company for the arts, music, entertainment, shows and events, and marketing promotions industries.

    UK based airfreight brokers.

    Midlands - UK based company covering imports and exports and, in addition, specialising in international student's luggage forwarding and storage.

    International Haulier specialising in Great Britain - Czech republic.

  7. Fastlane Forwarding Ltd.
    UK based forwarders.

    Groupage operators between mainland Britain and the Isle of Man, Northern Ireland, Eire and the Channel Islands.

  9. Mercury Airfreight International Ltd.
    UK based international air freight providing worldwide consolidation and distribution of printed matter. Services include global mail, international corporate mail, and parcel delivery.

  10. Airports Bureau Systems Ltd
    Provider of air cargo products to UK handling and transit shed operators. Systems provide all the cargo functionality required for airline operation and handling or general cargo handling.