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  1. List of Favorite Websites, Games, and Free Resources for ...
    List of Interactive Whiteboard IWB resources. Teach students with technology.

  2. English, Maths, Science, French and German Tutors in Manc...
    English, Maths, Science, French and German Tutors in Manchester, Liverpool and Cheshire - Help at all levels with Primary, Secondary and Adult Learning

  3. Factory supply all kinds of calculators,timer clocks,pedo...
    Tauye Electronics Co Ltd is a credit factory, grew out of Tauye trading company which is founded in March 2000. We commit to R D, manufacture novelty promotional items and the helper of home and office. We have 8,000 square meters factory workshop, 12 R D engineers, 580 skilled workers and imported machines to meet your OEM or ODM demands. We supply water power calculator, solar power calculator, ruler calculators, business card calculators,gift calculator,notebook calculators, timer clock, pedometer and digital clocks etc. To meet one-stop purchase. we also supply other promotional items bought from other factories. For more informtaion, please send email to sales

  4. 1-2-1 Home Tutors. Tutors for Maths, English Science at a...
    English, maths, science, French and German tutors, help at all levels, Liverpool, Cheshire, Manchester

  5. Linear Programming Library GIPALS32 for Software Developers.
    Linear programming optimization engine Gipals32.dll is a powerful, yet affordable solution for many software companies and individual developers who need to solve any kind of linear programming problems within their applications.
    Categories: Commercial Sites
    Contributor: info83
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  6. University of Sussex
    School of Mathematical Sciences.

  7. Perfect Times
    Teaches and assesses fluency of multiplication and division tables using online cards. Submit data and compare results.

  8. Numerical Algorithms Group NAG Ltd.
    Develops and provides software to solve complex mathematical problems. Free bimonthly electronic newsletter. Based in Oxford, UK.

  9. University of Glasgow
    Department of Mathematics.

  10. University of Salford
    Mathematics Division.

  11. The Golden Section - the Number and Its Geometry
    Simple definitions exact value and first 2000 decimal places finding the golden section continued fractions. Simple tricks for your calculator, puzzles and games.

  12. LOPSTR
    International Workshop on Logic-based Program Synthesis and Transformation. Held annually since 1991.

  13. HMS Galatea - Loss in WW2
    The loss of HMS Galatea

  14. Oundle School Mathematical Web Sites
    Compiled by the iCT Training Centre, Oundle School, Peterborough.

  15. Oxford University
    Department of Statistics.

  16. An Introduction to the Theory of Numbers Oxford Science P...
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    Categories: Books
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  17. University of Strathclyde
    Statistics and Modelling Science.

  18. University of Wolverhampton
    Statistical Cybermetrics Research Group.

  19. MRC
    Mathematics Research Centre, Warwick, England, UK.

  20. University of Portsmouth
    School of Computer Science and Mathematics Biometrics research group.

  21. Number Watch
    Monitors the media in search of misleading numbers in news, politics and science.

  22. University of Essex, Colchester
    Department of Mathematics.

  23. University of Cambridge
    Statistical Laboratory.

  24. University of Strathclyde in Glasgow
    Department of Mathematics.

  25. Fibonacci Numbers, the Golden Section and the Golden String
    A site about fibonacci numbers in nature, art, geometry, architecture and music.

  26. Newton Institute
    The Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, UK.

  27. J K Class Destroyers
    Destroyer histories. Royal naval J and K class destroyers. Destroyer website dedicated to the history of HMS Jervis, HMS Jackal, HMS Jaguar, HMS Janus, HMS Javelin, HMS Jersey, HMS Juno, HMS Jupiter, HMS Kelly, HMS Kandahar, HMS Kashmir, HMS Kelvin, HMS Khartoum, HMS Kimberley, HMS Kingston and HMS Kipling from their launch to their participation in major wars also notice board for families of ex-crew of J and K Class destroyers.

  28. Puzzles from Maths For Fun
    Challenging number puzzles and activities, ideal for classroom use. Free samples on site.

  29. Radical Statistics Group
    A British community of researchers and statisticians concerned with the usage and implications of misused data for political purposes. Full text journal articles, conference details, and information about research.

  30. Johnson, Oliver
    University of Bristol. Research interests Probabilistic limit theorems, entropy theory, quantum information theory.

  31. Book Publisher
    Green politics and alt health

  32. Logic Programming
    Section of WWW Virtual Library.

  33. ICC'01
    Third international workshop on Implicit Computational Complexity. Aarhus, Denmark 20--21 May 2001.

  34. Archives of ORNET JISCMAIL.AC.UK
    Searchable archive of an email forum for people in the Operational Research community to exchange ideas.

  35. Higham, Nick
    Manchester Centre for Computational Mathematics. Research Interests Numerical linear algebra Numerical analysis Scientific computation. Author, with Desmond J. Higham, of MATLAB Guide SIAM, August 2000 .

  36. UK University of St Andrews
    Centre for Research into Ecological and Environmental Modelling.

  37. Computational Tools for Modal Logic
    Resources collected by Renate Schmidt.

  38. Codemist Ltd
    Software provider in compilers and symbolic computation. The main products are the Norcroft C compiler and the computer algebra system Reduce, together with the Lisp system CSL CCL. Demo versions available free for download. Based in Bath, UK.

  39. University of Oxford
    Mathematical Institute.

  40. UK Mathematics Trust
    Mathematics competitions in the UK for 12-18 year old school pupils, ranging from popular mass challenges to the selection and training of the International Mathematical Olympiad IMO team.

  41. Autograph Dynamic Maths
    Autograph maths software lets you explore single-variable statistics and probability, in addition to 2D graphing and coordinate geometry. It's designed for educational exploration and available from Chartwell-Yorke in the UK and worldwide.

  42. University of Dundee
    Department of Mathematics.

  43. University of Cambridge
    Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics.

  44. University of Reading
    Applied Statistics.

  45. Pitts, Andrew
    University of Cambridge - Categorical logic, type theory, semantics of programming languages and logic in computer science.

  46. Euler - Leonhard Euler 1707-1783
    Biography and Works of the Basle born mathematicien.

  47. Groups St Andrews 2001 in Oxford
    Oxford, UK 5--18 August 2001.

  48. Sport-e UK Voucher Codes Sport-e Discount Codes Sport-e D...
    Sport-e UK find promotional codes, money off coupon codes for great discounts at Find and share the best up to date Sport-e UK voucher codes, discount codes and Sport-e UK free delivery printable claim coupons at

  49. University of London, King's College
    Department of Mathematics.

  50. Computability and Complexity
    An online course on complexity.