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  1. Nasa TV - Live Stream - DaemOnTest Stream 2
    International Space Station - ISS

  2. JPL Small-Body Database Browser
    2012 DA14 JPL Small-Body Database Browser Solar System Dynamics,Solar System,Dynamics,Orbital Mechanics,Orbits

  3. NEO Earth Close Approaches
    NASA NEO Earth Close Approach Data The purpose of the Near-Earth Object Program is to coordinate NASA-sponsored efforts to detect, track and characterize potentially hazardous asteroids and comets that could approach the Earth. The NEO Program will focus on the goal of locating at least 90 percent of the estimated 1,000 asteroids and comets that approach the Earth and are larger than 1 kilometer about 2 3-mile in diameter, by the end of the next decade. In addition to managing the detection and cataloging of Near-Earth objects, the NEO Program office will be responsible for facilitating communications between the astronomical community and the public should any potentially hazardous objects be discovered.

  4. Virgin Money Giving The Radio Communications Foundation
    Money donated to the RCF on the Virgin Money Giving web site will be reserved to support Project FUNcube. FUNcube is an educational single cubesat project with the goal of enthusing and educating young people about radio, space, physics and electronics. FUNcube will also carry a UHF to VHF linear transponder that will have up to 1 watt and which can be used by Radio Amateurs worldwide for SSB and CW communications.

  5. Kepler Confirms First Planet in Habitable Zone of Sun-lik...
    In a significant milestone on the road to finding Earth's twin elsewhere in the galaxy, NASA's Kepler mission has confirmed its first planet in the habitable zone of a distant Sun-like star.
    Categories: NASA, Space
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    This website has been developed for the scientists and engineers of the United Kingdom Satellite Communications industry and for everyone interested in learning about satellite communications.

  7. Lloyd's Satellite Constellations
    Information on Iridium, Teledesic, Globalstar, Orbcomm, ICO Global, Ellipso, Skybridge and other systems, as well as general information on satellites.

  8. Mir Today, Gone Tomorrow
    News on Mir's descent, and crash contingency plans. The Guardian,460855,00.html

  9. BBC Nasa fears worst for spacecraft
    The US space agency says the veteran Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft is probably lost and irrecoverable.

  10. Jounin missions released including Kakashi - Naruto Arena
    Jounin missions released including Kakashi - The last five news items on websitename

  11. Gold rush in space
    Article on NEAR's first encounter with Eros. Suggests that the asteroid may contain trillions of dollars worth of precious metals.

    A collection of hi-res assembled panoramic photos from Apollo 11-17. Includes option to buy prints.

  13. Mir The End
    News announcement of Russia's plans to deorbit Mir. BBC News

  14. Surrey Satellite Technology Limited
    News and information about this commercial wing of the Surrey Space Centre at the University of Surrey. Includes details of the company, it's satellites, services and missions.

  15. Deep Purple, Stormbringer Discography
    The Deep Purple Appreciation Society Website. News from the DPAS about the band and its members, both past and present featuring tour dates, reviews, a discography, photos, back-issues of DPAS magazines and a huge online store. Our aim is only to include reliable, confirmed news and stories, avoiding rumour as much as possible

  16. Analysis NASA Emergency
    Science editor Dr. David Whitehouse outlines what we know so far about the shuttle emergency. BBC News

  17. The Terraforming Information Pages
    Detailed information on terraforming, including some formal papers.

  18. BBC News Space Shuttle Lost Your Reaction
    User submitted comments about, and reactions to, the incident.

    Provides comprehensive info on expeditions, projects, awards of a charity in the UK for Space exploration and Earth preservation.

  20. Space Newsfeed
    Offers updated news briefs with focus on space telecommunication.
    Categories: News and Media, Space
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  21. XMM - Birmingham University
    Provides educational and scientific material about the XMM x-ray observation spacecraft by the astrophysics and space research group.

  22. Spaceprogram
    Details of latest and recent missions. Also offer web design services.

  23. news main.jhtml xml news 2001 10 16 ...
    Interview with Britain's Daily Telegraph in which eminent cosmologist Stephen Hawking warns that the human race is likely to be wiped out before the millennium is out unless we set up colonies in space.

  24. University of Leicester Space Research Centre
    Houses a number of research groups including Earth Observation Science and the Solid State Devices Group.
    Categories: Research, Space
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  25. BBC - Richard Black's Earth Watch COP15 Copenhagen climat...
    The blog of Richard Black, environment correspondent for the BBC News website

  26. Rosetta Mission
    Mission with five sensors capable of complementary measurements of the plasma environment around the comet Wirtanen. Mission and technology information.

  27. BBC News - Who, What, Why Can you dodge a falling satellite
    Fragments of a satellite falling to Earth are expected to scatter and land on Friday. So is it possible to take evasive action
    Categories: NASA
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  28. BBC NEWS Science and Environment Sunspots linked to Pacif...
    An international team details how the 11-year sunspot cycle might influence the amount of rain falling across the Pacific.
    Categories: NASA
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  29. SpaceX's billionaire founder Elon Musk calls Dragon capsu...
    Private company's space-exploration breakthrough will make us a 'multi-planet species', entrepreneur says

  30. BBC NEWS Science and Environment India launches first Moo...
    India successfully launches the unmanned Chandrayaan 1 spacecraft - the country's first mission to the Moon.

  31. Nasa's Enterprise space shuttle in its new home as it fin...
    It has flown over Manhattan on a jumbo jet, floated down the Hudson river on a barge and even had a close up view of the Statue of Liberty. Today, the space shuttle Enterprise finally became a New York attraction itself.

  32. NASA Space Shuttle Manual
    NASA Space Shuttle Manual - the famous spacecraft gets the Haynes manual treatment after 30 years of service with detailed breakdowns, cutaway drawings together with extensive historical information and superb images. Free page downloads.

  33. BBC NEWS Science and Environment Nasa delays space shuttl...
    Nasa delays the first space shuttle launch of 2009 for the fourth time because of safety concerns.

  34. Animal, Nature and Environment News Animal, Nature and En...
    Animal, Nature and Environment News, Animal, Nature and Environment Headlines Today, Animal, Nature and Environment Latest News, Animal, Nature and Environment Latest Headlines, Animal, Nature and Environment Todays News

  35. Juno probe heads for Jupiter from Cape Canaveral - BBC News
    Nasa's 1.1bn solar-powered Juno mission launches from Florida in a bid to unlock the secrets of the Solar System's largest planet.
    Categories: NASA
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  36. Deep Space The NASA Mission Reports Robert G...
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  37. BBC NEWS Talking Point What future for space exploration
    Following the loss of the space shuttle Columbia with the death of seven astronauts on board what is the future for space travel Is President Bush right to say that the space programme will go on Or are the dangers too great

  38. BBC NEWS Science and Environment How to explore Mars and ...
    Nasa launches a website that allows users to play games while at the same time sorting through its image archive of Mars.
    Categories: NASA
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  39. Programme for secondary schools GNM education centre guar...
    All our secondary programmes are designed to complement the teaching of the curriculum across a variety of subjects

  40. Physics of Fluids in Microgravity by Taylor Francis Ltd H...
    eBay This text provides a clear view of research and progress in the different fields of fluid research in space at the beginning of the international space station era. The topics presented include bubbles and drops dynamics and Marangoni flows.

  41. Space News, Pictures, Video, Space, Nasa, ESA, Solar Weat...
    Space news stories, features, pictures and video from the Huffington Post UK. Whether it's Nasa, ESA or something a bit more strange, we've got you covered up to, and beyond, the Final Frontier.

  42. Advanced book search at The Book Depository
    You can get related books with free delivery worldwide from The Book Depository

  43. Neil Armstrong since his small step, spaceflight has lost...
    The first human on the moon will be remembered for centuries, but the need for people to venture into space has waned

  44. A year in space Soyuz docks at the International Space St...
    A Russian Soyuz spacecraft has docked at the International Space Station carrying three astronauts, two of whom are due to spend a record 12 months there.
    Categories: NASA
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  45. BBC - Spaceman Chasing the dream of human spaceflight
    Press Red - a blog about the TV Platforms group who build and maintain the BBC's red button services, including the TV version of BBCiPlayer.
    Categories: Mars
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  46. BBC NEWS Science Nature China manned space mission nears
    The Chinese say they may launch their first astronauts into space within 100 days.

  47. BBC NEWS Science and Environment Audio Slideshow To the M...
    Iconic images from Nasa's 50 years of space exploration.
    Categories: NASA
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  48. International Space Station to boldly go with Linux over ...
    Computers aboard the International Space Station are to be switched from Windows XP to the Linux operating system in an attempt to improve stability and reliability.

  49. BBC - KS3 Chemistry - Metals
    KS3 Chemistry Metals learning resources for adults, children, parents and teachers.

  50. Applicants wanted for a one-way ticket to Mars - BBC News
    Could individuals live and prosper on the Red Planet
    Categories: NASA
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