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  1. Adam's Pest Control
    Pest Control in Sonning Common covering Berkshire and South Oxfordshire

  2. Brian Charman Associates Tree Surgeon NPTC Courses
    Brian Charman Associates Tree Surgeon Instructors, NPTC courses, LANTRA, LOLER courses, nptc Dorset, NPTC Devon, NPTC Somerset, NPTC SW England

  3. Aylmer Addison Associates
    Tree specialists. Conservation, management and care of trees.

    United Kingdom based consultancy which advises on monitoring systems for Social Responsibility in Crop Production SRP based on the Britsh American Tobacco programme and a range of tobacco leaf technology issues, addressed by specialist consultants with over 25 years of practical experience.

    STRI is the independent market leader in turfgrass research and agronomy. It is the UK's National Centre for consultancy in Sports and Amenity Turf and is recognised as a world centre for research.

  6. British Potato Council
    The web site contains a wide range of industry related information, including press releases, potato market reports, an events calendar, production issues, and information on British potato seed.

  7. Royal Forestry Society of England, Wales and Northern Ire...
    Contains links to the history of the society, scholarship information, glossary of tree terms, events, meeting schedules.

  8. HDRA - The Organic Organisation
    Henry Doubleday Research Association. Advice and Heritage Seed Library.

  9. Perfect Poultry
    Feeders, drinkers, incubators, and chicken care information.

    MAFF and EEC approved Equine quarantine and semen collecting Centre. Artificial Insemination and equine reproduction speacialist

  11. LEEC Limited
    Manufacturers of laboratory incubators and mortuary equipment, plant growth cabinets, monitoring systems. UK.

  12. Varroa jacobsoni
    Internet resource page on Varroa maintained by BIOME at Nottingham University, UK . Good range of links.

  13. Genetically Engineered Oilseed Rape
    A datasheet from Friends of the Earth UK, on the possible consequences of the introduction of GM varieties of this plant.

  14. Arboricultural Association
    Promotes care and knowledge of trees in the UK. Details of activities, members, and journal.

  15. World Carrot Museum
    Dedicated to all aspects of the carrot, including its history, nutrition, cultivation, recipes and craft items, also trivia, jokes and puzzles.

  16. Bee Diseases
    Internet resource page on bee diseases foulbrood, chalk brood, and virus infections maintained by BIOME at Nottingham University, UK . Good range of links.

  17. Sensodyne Pronamel
    Sensodyne Pronamel toothpaste designed to help protect teeth from the effects of acid erosion.

  18. British Lawnmower Museum
    Houses over 200 vintage lawnmowers. Includes photos from exhibits, a staff directory, services provided, special exhibits, and a gift shop. Located in Lancashire, UK.

  19. John Innes Centre JIC
    JIC undertakes research aimed at understanding the genome organisation and function of plants and some key microbes, the genetic and cellular basis of growth and development, key molecular pathways and valuable products and the molecular basis of plant disease and its control.

  20. Propagation Technology
    Offers micropropagation for its applications in the fields of horticulture, agriculture and conservation. UK.

  21. Horticulture Research International
    Large team of research and development scientists seeking to benefit consumers and producers of horticultural and other plant-based products.

  22. Agroforestry Research Trust
    English nonprofit group conducts research into temperate agroforestry and into all aspects of plant cropping and uses, with a focus on tree, shrub and perennial crops.
    Categories: Agriculture, Agroforestry, Agroforestry
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  23. UK LandIS - Land Information System
    Provide site reports, GIS datasets and a free Interactive Soilscapes Viewer for UK soils National Soil Resource Institute, Cranfield University .

  24. Constructive Beekeeping
    A book of DIY projects for beekeeping - includes listing of chapters, order form and contact details.

  25. Apple Trees
    Instructions on choosing and growing these fruit trees with information on rootstocks, varieties, pollination, pruning and care.
    Categories: Apple
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  26. World's Poultry Science Association WPSA UK Branch
    Emphasis on vocational training and education in poultry husbandry and poultry science in addition to objectives of parent Association, the WPSA.

  27. Fisheries Society of the British Isles
    Organization of professional fish biologists and fisheries managers in the British Isles and Europe.

  28. Low Luckens and Whiteholme Farms
    A non-profit making charity in north-east Cumbria. Site provdes information about organic meat, foot and mouth, sustainability in farming, and local conservation programmes.
    Categories: Agriculture, Organic Food
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  29. Banana Link
    Details of campaigns, lobbies, and researches on social and environmental issues concerned with the growing of bananas. Extensive links collection.

  30. British Society of Soil Science
    Aims to raise awareness of the importance of soil science, through the promotion of soil science related information. Information about the society, regional branches, conferences, publications and newsletters. Extensive list of links to other soil-related teaching material, universities, institutes, other international plant and soil societies, publishers and chemical manufacturers.

  31. The Institute of Fisheries Management
    IFM is an international organisation of people interested in the management of recreational and commercial fisheries. Site provides member services, publications, events, news listings and a fisheries jobs resource.

  32. Hortips
    A collection of links and information of use to the commercial crops grower.

  33. Fisheries Research Services
    Marine laboratory, monitoring all aspects of marine, freshwater fisheries and environment.

    BEPA is the trade association for the processors and users of British produced pea and bean crops.

  35. How to Grow Gooseberies
    Information on growing this fruit, the choice of varieties and planting and care of bushes.

  36. National Council for the Conservation of Plants and Gardens
    Administers the National Plant Collection Scheme, concerned with conservation of the gene pool of cultivated garden plants.

  37. Assured Produce Protocol for Courgettes, Marrows, Squashe...
    Producing crops in accordance with these standards allows growers to sell produce to any supermarket or processor in the UK. Information on site selection, site management, variety selection, nutrition, irrigation, crop protection, harvesting and storage.

  38. Latest and recent news headlines from Crop Protection Mon...

  39. Warwick HRI
    Dedicated to horticultural research including vegetable crops. Part of Warwick University.

  40. Embryo Transfer
    Recommendations on the procedures to be used when transferring embryos to recipient cattle.

  41. Assured Produce Protocol for Cane Fruit
    Producing crops in accordance with these standards allows growers to sell produce to any supermarket or processor in the UK. Information on site selection, site management, variety selection, nutrition, irrigation, crop protection, harvesting and storage.

  42. The Accidental Smallholder
    Describes the experiences of a couple who became smallholders, and offers information and resources to others seeking to do the same.

  43. Grazers
    This UK business offers a very dilute, nutrient based spray which provides a solution to crop damage caused by grazing rabbits, deer, pigeons and geese.

  44. Horticulture College Certificate in Crop Management, Vege...
    Learn to grow plants. Study Horticulture, Plants and Gardening by distance education or online learning correspondence course. We provide flexible further education and training, at university, college undergraduate, graduate or professional development level.

  45. Seeds of Trade Spices
    Information on a number of spices, the origins of their cultivation, early uses, transfer and spread around the world, and modern cultivation methods.

  46. Farm Advisory Services Team Ltd
    Technical services to the grower including regular crop monitoring, pest and disease control strategies, crop management, nutritional advice, analytical services for soil leaf and fruit, crop planning and training. UK.

  47. Banana Bunchy Top Virus
    This virus is one of the worst diseases of the banana. It is spread by aphids and has no known cure.

  48. Assured Produce Protocol for Cucumbers
    Adopting this protocol will enable producers to sell cucumbers to any supermarket in the UK. Information on site selection, site management, variety selection, nutrition, irrigation, crop protection, harvesting and storage.

  49. Frontpage for Trees
    An informational resource for urban and garden trees, including details of fungi and mycorhizza.

    Blightwatch is a collaborative service supported by the British Potato Council and aims to give growers a management tool for assisting in the control of blight.